Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teachers, Technology, and the Common Core Transition

Jannita Demian

Who are you?
Motionless Monkey?
Leaping Lizard?
Cranky Komodo?
Petrified Praying Mantis?
Fatigued Frog?

What is common core?
-Same thing across the board
-Turns students from consumers to creators
-Critical Thinking
-Can you justify your answer whether it's right or wrong...

  • state let initiative
  • defines knowledge and skills students should have to be college/career ready
  • built on current state standards
  • internationally benchmarked
 CC is trying to condense what we are already teaching because it has exploded into "too much."

We are getting the paintbrush back to start being creative again...

We created a paper slideshow about the 6 shifts in LA.
Keys to success -
divide and conquer
assign roles
embrace imperfection

Roles - 
Time Keeper

No writing during short videos.
Long videos, take pauses so students can write and answer questions.
LOVE -She had us clap every time we heard the video say a "sequencing" word. (Then, Next, Second, etc...)
DON'T just show a video.  Pause it, ask questions, collaborate as a group to summarize sections...

Everyone gets an Exit Ticket

Before you give the students a reading passage, wordle it and discuss the vocabulary!

Idaho CC standards


Other various resources in other sessions at this time via Twitter feed...
Free DEN resources - Spelunking
QR codes

DEN STARS - You get the tech book!

Apple TV audio support
Saving YOUTUBE vids to the iPad directly
Find Quotes about anything!
Apps to share photos
Tech Integration in Education
iFontmaker app
Roadshow app - download DE vids to iPad

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