Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Geocaching Connections

I just geocached for the first time last night...
Looking forward to getting some classroom ideas I can share.

Conni Mulligan

Global Positioning System (videos on her slideshare)

  • Aircraft
  • Auto
  • Marine
  • Handheld
Have a 10 minute activity to do once you get outside because the device doesn't always pick up the satellites asap!

Hide things in easter eggs/film canisters, etc...

Careful not to get muggled!

She used Geocaching to teacher the staff about Big6.  They have a little booklet, stickers are in the cache for them to put in their booklet.

PE teacher - got Dr. Seuss books and all the caches had to do with books and there was a physical activity to go with it.

History Mysteries  - What do all the Caches you found have in common?

Don't need the internet for :
QR voice as a cache
Text QR code

Geocaching University -http://geocacher-u.com/

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