Monday, July 23, 2012

Getting your students started with DE - Admin

Whitney Mihoulides

There is a Student Advisory Board for DE.

Students have access to a calendar view for their work and then they can track their progress.
They can choose the theme on their log in interface.

We can take away their searching rights if we wanted to.
TO DO - We can take away grade bands/subjects...etc... so that Elem. doesn't see the 9-12 content when they log in.

Students can't change their passwords.

Interface is changing and it looks better!
ALL DEN STARS WILL have year long access to the Science Tech Book next year...shh...not officially announced yet...

I picked up a few little things here, but it was good to hear that I am uploading student accounts correctly!

Some random links from other sessions at this time...

Paper Slide Videos

Brain Research Sites -

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