Monday, July 23, 2012

Creating InfoGraphics with Kathy Schrock

Info graphics as a creative assessment!
They are NOT posters!

LATCH Model of organizing information -

"data visualization"

USA today snapshots (book on info graphics)
Scrollyfox in firefox is an add on that lets you scroll down when presenting or viewing.
Theydrawandcook  Theydrawandtravel - sites that use inforgraphics
visualize ipad app

chart chooser - program online
many eyes - site by IBM - upload in cvs format and they will create info graphic

  1. develop a good question
  2. research process
  3. hand drawing rough draft to be approved
  4. start computer/ipad work for info graphic
Perfect time to teach kids about Creative Commons!!! (or advanced google search or advanced search in Flickr!)  YAY - We are already doing this!!

Diigo list from Nancy Sharoff

Flipped Classroom

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

Other workshops happening at this time...
The Dynamic Davidson

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Anne Lyon said...

Great post! Going to share some info with my staff this month about! I'm anxious to try this tool with student's something that will give an opportunity for more creativity I think!


In the past 9 months, my school has been fortunate enough to gain access to many different tools and opportunities including  Sphero balls, ...