Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday - David Warlick kick off!

David Warlick started us off.
He talked about asking questions!  Don't be afraid to ask questions and don't be afraid to say "I don't know, but I will find out!"  (How many teachers have heard this from me? LOL)

Some of the sites he has shared -
Knitterchat - link together through chat, like Twitter, but you don't need an account, just a name.
Personalize Media - the count of social media currently passing through the web.  CRAZY!

Minecraft!  LOL - Griffyn just called me yesterday to ask if he could use the Paypal account to download this.  Basically, David discussed the fact that there is no manual.  Kids just have to figure it out using the tools they are given - prior knowledge, their social networking connections, instinct.

Don't give all the information, leave something out.
Let kids question and try to investigate on their own.
Provoking..."what do you think?"

Does grammar still matter in all this hyper connectedness? YES! "Grammar is a tool that adds value to your ideas!"

How can I guide the students in their learning to :
exchange knowledge
make mistakes
design value into the learning experience

Use blogger as a place for students to post their notes to help each other study for upcoming assessments.

Lulu - place to publish and sell information.
Doodlebuzz - Fun drawing and searching for information.

It is not a race to the top, but a joyful, exploring, discovering of the future!
Surprise me!

Some Videos he shared -
Can someone get me a napkin?
The Wizard of Apps

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