Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rock our World

Hoping that we have at least one teacher that wants to apply for this...
It is K- college.

You apply.
It is about an hour a week. There is a theme. (Peace was a theme last year.)
The first week, you create a track in Garageband and then send it on to a share file. (You will need a mac for this.  If you really want this, don't let that stand in the way.  We'll figure it out.)
The next week, you get someone else's track and you add to it.  Each week is a different theme.  So, one week you may be assigned drums, one week you may get "sounds of your school," strings, voice, and so on for 6 weeks.

They do this in the fall and then again in the spring.

It's a great way to make connections around the world and collaborate with other classes.  You have a team that you create a music track with, but you also have access to skyping and connecting with all the other groups too!
Once you connect, you will be able to work on other projects together too!

Don't worry if you don't know how to use Garageband, Skype or upload a file. 
If you have an open mind, are willing to try a new adventure, and want to expose your students to other classrooms around the world, this is for you!
It's what you make of it!

Things to share:
A day in the life of an Oregon student
All about our state
curricular topics
funny jokes
Q and A sessions

The benefit of an authentic audience...  Can you think of any Common Core standards that could be satisfied by a great collaboration like this?

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