Friday, April 17, 2009

Boys Adrift - Dr. Sax

This is the sequel to Why Gender Matters. I found it quite interesting. Basically, he discusses why boys are having a tough time having that drive to succeed.
#1 - We need to let Kindergarten be what it used to be. Focus on reading in 1st/2nd grade. The expectations at 5 for a boy to read is too early. They need more movement in school. The expectation for them to sit still for long periods is difficult.
#2 - Limit Video Games. Engagement in the REAL world is good. They shouldn't play video games in which they are the "bad" guy shooting the police or figures of authority, like an officer. This gives them the ideas that it might be ok to kill the "good" guy.
#3 - ADHD medications. They are finding that the effect of taking medications for ADHD are actually CHANGING the demeanor of children and they are turning out to be different beings even AFTER they are off the meds.
#4 - Endocrine Distruptors - basically, the polyethylene terephthatlate seeping out of plastic bottles in which they drink soda/water from is distrupting their hormone/testosterone development.
#5 - Loss of Positive Role Models - restoring the bond between generations.

If any of this peaks your interest, I would recommend checking this one out!
Below are the links to his page and to some sites that talk about endocrine distruptors and our current environmental situation.


Angela said...

I have said it before and I am sure I will say it again and again. More play, less pencils,pens, reading and writing in kindergarten will result in better long term academic growth.

Mindie Kempfer said...

I hope I can find time to read this book, it sounds like it has really good ideas

Megan Tripp (aka Lil' Tripp) said...

Gender is such an important social issue. Thank you for the references to continue discussion on this topic.

Karen said...

Thanks for these sites. I am always adding to my gender collection and I know from many conversations with parents that these sites will be much appreciated. I too have a boy adrift.


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