Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Digital Citzen Toolkit

During the month of February, I will be doing a Digital Citizen Toolkit lesson with third and fourth grade students at Brooklyn.
I will be using a Google presentation and props to have students think about ways they need to be responsible digital citizens.  Each student will also receive a "mini" book of the presentation as a reminder of what we discussed.  This idea was adapted from a post by Craig Badura.

The props include:

Packet of seeds - A reminder that you are beginning a digital journey and you will want to make good choices along the way to grow and have a positive digital presence.

Mirror - While online, if you looked into the mirror and saw someone's (mom or dad?) reflection, would they approve of what you were writing? 

Bar of soap - Remember to keep it clean.  No bad words or bullying.  Stay on sites that are age appropriate.

Strainer - Learn to be a smart searcher and strain through all the information online.

Journal - Imagine everything you do online in a journal.  Would you be alright with anyone in the world reading/seeing it?

Extension Cord -  It's ok to unplug and not be on a device.  Go outside and play.  Be a kid!

Crumpled heart - Before you type, think and be smart, it's hard to fix, a cyberbullied heart.  You can always apologize, but the victim of cyberbullying will never forget how they felt.

Magnifying Glass - You used to meet people for the first time in person.  Now, you can just google them to get an idea of who they are.  Remember the packet of seeds and make sure you are growing a positive digital presence.

Bandaid - When I was young, our mistakes were easily fixed and forgotten.  In the digital age, mistakes made online are permanent.   Use the other tools in this toolbox so you avoid making big digital mistakes.

Foot - A footprint in the sand is washed away by water.  The digital footprint you build is permanent.  Think before you post.  "How will this reflect me?"

Be a responsible digital citizen!  The world depends on you.  You matter!

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